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Contact your MPP

The Provincial Government has introduced legislation to override the Planning Act and fast-track development of the wetland! This leaked memo shows that they are concerned that current law suits may be successful, and therefore proposed changes which would retroactively allow all MZOs to dictate zoning changes whether they are consistent with Ontario's planning principles or not (principles that include not developing significant wetlands!)

Let your MPP know that you oppose Bill 257 and changes to the Planning Act!

Pickering MPP: Peter Bethlenfelvy - 905-509-0336

Minister of Municipal Affairs: Steve Clark - 905-427-2060


Contact Pickering City Council

The City of Pickering and Durham Regional Council have not yet asked the province to rescind the MZO on the wetland property. Until this happens our wetland is at risk of being developed! (Amazon or no Amazon!)

Please call your Councillors and demand the Zoning Order be taken off this property.