We need to have the government remove Schedule 3 from Bill 257 so this doesn't continue to happen in communities across Ontario!

Contact your Member of Provincial Parliament & Minister Clark

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The Provincial Government has introduced legislation to override the Planning Act and fast-track development of the wetland! They have proposed changes which would retroactively allow all MZOs to dictate zoning changes whether they are consistent with Ontario's planning principles or not (principles that include not developing significant wetlands!)

What to Say?

You don’t have to read a script. Be yourself and add any personal connection you have to the area and/or wetlands. Below are some talking points about Bill 257.

  • Bill 257, Schedule 3 will allow elected officials to be able to allow development on lands that are not zoned for development and protected under the Provincial Policy Statement.

  • There are lands that are not in the public interest of being developed. These include: provincially significant wetlands, environmentally sensitive zones, critical habitat designations for endangered species, our provincial parks, and agricultural lands.

  • I oppose the use of retroactive legislation to override provincial policy and smart growth planning in Ontario. Schedule 3 in the Supporting Broadband and Infrastructure Expansion Act, Bill 257, will override provincial planning law and allow development on protected lands, like provincially significant wetlands in the Duffins.

  • Tell them which riding (or your postal code) you live in. Request they return your call (leave your contact info)

Already contacted your MPP?

Call them again! Continue to show support for those who oppose this development and the unscrupulous use of MZO's. As this issue evolves, continued opposition is needed from citizens like you, across the province.

If you normally vote Conservative and/or if you agree with most of what they do, tell them that. If the development of the wetland means you won’t vote for them next time, tell them that too! 

Changes to the Planning Act


The Provincial Government has recently introduced legislation that would retroactively allow them to make zoning changes that go against the Provincial Policy Statement - the policy that guides planning within the Province of Ontario by making changes to the Planning Act. For more information, see Environmental Defence's statement regarding this change.

This change allows MZO's to move forward completely unchecked and would nullify any pending legal cases against their use, such as the current case brought forward by EcoJustice. 

A leaked Memo confirms that the provincial government seemed concerned about the outcome of the law suit brought in response to the use of an MZO in the Duffins Creek. In response, Schedule 3 of Bill 257, Supporting Broadband and Infrastructure Expansion Act, will retroactively give MZO's the authority to override the Planning Act.​

Who to Contact?


Call the Premiere and Minister for Municipal Affairs & Housing

Call Doug Ford's office: 416-325-1941 |

Call Minister Steve Clark (Minister responsible for MZO): 416-585-7000 |

Pickering Residents

Call MPP Peter Bethlenfalvy: 905-509-0336 |

Find a phone number for Mayor Dave Ryan, and emails for Pickering Councillors here

Ajax Residents

Call MPP Rod Phillips: 905-427-2060 |

Residents outside Pickering/Ajax

Find your MPP’s contact info here

Whitby MPP (Conservative), Lorne Coe: 905-430-1141 |

Oshawa MPP (NDP), Jennifer French: 416-325-0117 | 

Key Wetland Facts


If you want to say more, here are some key facts. Choose the ones that matter to you, and express them in your own way:


  • Less than 2% of GTA wetlands remain.

  • 80% of southern Ontario’s wetlands have been lost

  • This specific area of wetland comprises 50% of the entire Lower Duffins Creek Wetland (LDCW) coastal complex

  • The LDCW has taken 10,000 years to develop and cannot be replaced or rebuilt somewhere else.

  • The Lower Duffins wetlands have 41 significant species including the provincially rare Hairy-fruited Sedge (Carex trichocarpa), the Milksnake - a provincial species of special concern, 23 provincially significant bird species, 1 regionally rare plant species and 15 locally rare ones

  • Jobs in Pickering are important but the wetland is to be bulldozed for building a warehouse; there are several sites zoned for warehouse use within 1km of the wetland. 

  • The TRCA (Toronto and Region Conservation Authority) is opposed to the destruction of the wetland

  • Over 8 members of the Greenbelt Council have resigned in protest over the passage of the legislation that will allow the provincial government to destroy the wetland

More Resources & Actions

Did you get a reply? Not sure what to do? Check out this resource from Environmental Defence.

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