Contact the TRCA Board

The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority does not want to issue a permit for development to begin on the wetland but they have NO CHOICE (due to changes made by this provincial government!). See their statement here.

They are able to issue CONDITIONS on any permit they give and are asking for public input. The deadline to submit comments for the upcoming hearing is 

MARCH 10 at 4:30 PM.

What should you say?

You support the conditions drafted by TRCA in principle, especially the Ecosystem Compensation Plan and Special Conditions. Highlight that no amount of money or restoration can replace the habitat and species lost by paving this wetland over.

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Send your comments to TRCA’s Clerk and Manager of Policy:
Alisa Mahrova:

You may wish to start your letter with: Thank you for collecting comments for the Hearing on Mar. 12, 2021. Please understand that I do not feel that this provincially significant wetland should be developed, however since the TRCA is compelled, under duress, to provide permission to The Permit Holder, I have the following comments on the conditions of development:

You can include these suggestions for the conditions of the permit:

  • The Permit Holder, City of Pickering and Province of Ontario must consult the Williams Treaties First Nations on the Ecological Compensation Conditions prior to approval.

  • The Permit Holder must identify and restore a total of 18 ha + 0.31 ha (from the "notch" wetland at 1702 Squires Beach Rd.) of wetland. The current compensation plan only accounts for 3-5 ha of restoration; additional site(s) within the Duffins Creek Watershed must be identified, a purchasing plan made and a reservation plan developed to ensure the full area of the wetland that will be destroyed will be compensated.

  • Due to the size of the wetland being destroyed, its significant ecological services and the speed at which the TRCA’s conditions needed to be created, an independent, formal review of the Compensation Agreement should be commissioned by the TRCA, at the expense of The Permit Holder, to determine the cash payment for the ecological lands being destroyed. The review should be conducted by no less than 3 qualified academic experts. The amount determined in the current conditions, $4,426,216.41, is not sufficient.

  • With that said, no amount of money nor restored wetland after the fact will replace the habitat and species lost from the development of this site.

  • The Permit Holder (the developer) must create grading and erosion, and sediment control plans that meet or exceed TRCA’s Stormwater Management (SWM) Criteria and Erosion Settlement Control (ESC) Guideline, respectively.

  • The Permit Holder shall develop a stormwater management scheme that meets or exceeds TRCA’s stormwater management criteria.

  • The Permit Holder shall submit drawings as part of the Site Plan application under the Planning Act for the development, showing the stormwater and erosion and sediment controls for the Site Plan application that meets TRCA's expectations and satisfaction.

  • The Permit Holder shall transplant and relocate all regionally, locally and TRCA rare and uncommon species and communities identified by a qualified, external ecologist on the property before ANY work is undertaken.


Comments can include anything related to the compensation that the developer may be required to fulfill, such as:

  • loss of natural ecosystem services

  • increased flood risk

  • discharge of sediments and nutrient pollution

  • impact to wildlife habitat

  • holding public consultation on any plans

  • committing to science-based planning

You may also send a letter through Ontario Nature's Website - remember to personalize it and say you are a resident of Pickering or Durham (if applicable)!