Act now! Once it's gone, it's gone forever

Our Mission:

To protect and preserve greenbelt, wetland and natural areas in Ajax - Pickering from unscrupulous development.

Help stop Pickering Council and Durham Live from developing Treaty Land and Provincially Significant Wetland!


Things are moving fast! There's been good news, but the fight isn't over.

It was announced that Amazon would be the likely owner of the proposed warehouse. When confronted with public backlash, Amazon quickly backed out of the deal. This is great news!

As a result, Pickering Council has voted to rescind the portion of the MZO on the provincially significant wetland. Another win!

But we still need the provincial government to remove Schedule 3 from Bill 257 so this doesn't happen to another community!


The Province is fast-tracking development

The provincial government has been expanding their use of Minister Zoning Orders to change municipal zoning without public consultation in communities like Durham and beyond.


Despite the fact that the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority unanimously voted against this development, and that the Provincial Policy Statement expressly states that development should not be undertaken on Provincially Significant Wetlands, the Minister of Municipal Affairs has been expediting development of the Durham Live site at Bayly Rd. and Squires Beach Rd. in Pickering.






The proposed development is located on the northwest corner of Bayly Rd. and Squires Beach Road in Pickering, ON.

Duffins Wetland Complex

Right now, bore hole drilling is taking place on the Duffins Creek Wetland Complex to determine the best method to build a warehouse on the site. This land has been a provincially significant wetland for almost 25 years and development has been expedited, without public consultation through a Minister's Zoning Order (MZO).

To date, our group of dedicated volunteers have acted to protect this wetland by:

  • Holding a demonstration on January 9

  • Blockading the site entrance from bore hole drilling

  • Collecting shoes for a Shoe Strike at Pickering City Hall on Feb. 26

  • Hosting a March on Mar. 6

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